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A sneak peek at the people behind Druk Memoirs!

If I had to describe us in one word, it would be “generic” because we are like the majority of society. Working a 9-5 job, stuck with minimal holidays, living from paycheck to paycheck and just trying to make the most of our free time. That’s why cookies and mountain trails; of traveling to areas nearby and exploring cafes. Because let’s be honest, the most important things in life are food, adventure and people to share those moments with. And what better way than to write about it? It might even end up being helpful to someone, although that’s quite a stretch of a dream.

Irrespective of the audience, it is our interest so we intend to write about the places we visit. There’s no schedule yet cause it is really dependent on if we get time out of our daily jobs. Holidays are hard to come by in the corporate world. And extra cash is like gold dust for us. So apologies in advance for our random posts.

Other than that, let’s see, we are all Bhutanese but I think that’s already clear from the name. So I guess that’s it. Do follow us. We hope you enjoy reading our content!

“Time flies. It’s up to you to be the navigator”

Robert Orben

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Bored during this pandemic? Keep yourself engaged by reading and find out places to visit with your friends and family once the situation improves. Stay safe peeps!

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