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If you can relate to the difficulty of finding a good place to travel to as a local in Bhutan, then you’ve come to the right place. Or at least that’s the intention for starting this blog.

Lookup Thimphu for example, and the only listings are Tashichho Dzong, Memorial Chorten and other tourist attractions. But when we’ve lived here our entire lives, why would we be interested in seeing these places again and again? Where should one go for a weekend getaway with friends? Are there other picturesque locations that are often skipped in the list of tourist attractions? Who do we even ask for suggestions?

These are dilemmas we faced countless times trying to plan trips with friends and family. This blog is thus an attempt at providing an answer to these questions, to whatever extent possible, in the hopes of helping out a fellow traveler.

We also have a mini series called cafe review about exploring cafes in and around Thimphu. We may not post often but we intend to post about all the places we’ve visited. So follow us to keep up with our posts 🙂



    What an excellent idea!!! A thoroughly worthwhile and valuable resource. Thank you for your efforts. It makes a very welcome change from the usual standard ‘tourist sites’ list aimed at foreign visitors. It has always surprised me that many Bhutanese have visited Bangkok, Europe and USA but have travelled very little within the Kingdom itself and this site does a great deal to change that. There so much to see and experience in this country ……. geographically small but experientially world-class great!! Some more restaurant and cafe reviews would be helpful too!

    • Druk Memoirs

      Thank you so much. That means a lot to us 🙂
      And very true. Bhutan has so many sites worth visiting and limited resources on them. Just trying to provide our small contribution towards reducing that gap. And hoping it will be helpful to people. Will surely try to cover more places in the future including cafe reviews. We hope you enjoy reading our posts!

  • Dr B

    A really good idea, I try to write things occasionally on my own blog about local places to visit, mostly historical sites that tourists don’t even know about. Be sure to use good tags for your posts so people can find them!

  • sherab.tenzin360@gmail.com


    This is really a good intention. Besides the reasons you have mentioned, we need content written by locals and not by foreigners, which often than not come just as half-baked truths. Keep up the work and will look forward to reading many travelogues from you.

    • drukmemoirs

      Thank you 🙂 and yes, I totally agree. We need more content by locals. Went through a few of your posts; they’re nice. Looking forward to reading more!

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