Café Review: The Hope Café

Location: 3rd floor, Changlam Plaza

Ambiance: a small, cozy space with a DIY kind of decor. Provides a nice view of the stadium outside. During the daytime, it looks a bit plain but I think it would be much better in the evenings.

Cost: $$ (on a scale of $ to $$$$$)

Main course

  • The veg ramen and the veg fried rice both tasted fine but wasn’t anything special
  • The spicy cheesy chicken ramen was overcooked and mushy while the spicy beef ramen was undercooked and a little too crunchy. Had it not been for that, would have liked it. Although, it does have quite a lot of spiciness, so if you can’t handle chili, better avoid these.
  • The veg burger set served with a side of fries was a disappointment. Even the fries were not good.
  • The sikam (pork) and dry fish curry were very well made. But unfortunately, there was a strand of hair in the dry fish curry.
  • The Tornado (potato spiral) was very bland. There wasn’t even salt in it and no sauce was provided. So it was just a plain potato in a spiral shape.
  • The crispy potato chili was relatively better but the sauce tasted like the readymade pasta and pizza sauces available in supermarkets so I wasn’t personally a fan.
  • The nutrela momo was another huge disappointment; it had only the taste of flour. The ezay was nice though.
  • Overall, the food was okay but the extremely lengthy wait time ruined the entire meal. As for the snacks, almost all of them were pretty bad.


  • The lemon mint breeze and virgin mojito were both nice, refreshing drinks to have on a hot summer day. It was definitely perfect for the weather. They tasted similar, except for the extra sweetener taste in the mojito.
  • The iced americano was milder than I expected but nice nonetheless.
  • The iced chocolate and vanilla milkshake were also both delicious.
  • So, overall the drinks were pretty good.


Pretty darn slow. We had to wait a lot to get our orders and we were the only customers at the time. We ended up spending more than our entire lunch duration just waiting for the food. Even the drinks took quite some time. However, they expressed their apologies and cited their difficulty in finding skilled staff as a newly opened café; so we “hope” it’ll improve in the future.


On a scale of 1-5 with 1 being “wouldn’t go there again unless it was the last restaurant on earth” to 5 being “would eat there every day if I could”, I would rate it a 2. Honestly a pretty dissatisfying experience. The only good thing was the drinks but I don’t think I’ll be heading there again.

Disclaimer: We are in no way affiliated with the restaurant and the opinions expressed above are based on our own experiences.

Your thoughts?

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